Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 58 Author Luke Phillips

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This week, we’re joined by British author Luke Phillips.

Luke has had a long standing interest in one of Britain’s most compelling and popular mysterious creatures, the ABC’s (Alien Big Cats). As most people will know, Britain of course has no large cat population yet for decades, people all over the British Isles have reported seeing large cats where they officially do not exist.

We talk about how this has influenced his work, his love of the subject and several notable British cases.

We also talk about his two books, ShadowBeast and Daughters of the Darkness which can be found here:

We also cover some of Britian’s more unusual invasive species and touch on a bit more Cryptozoology too. Thanks for joining me Luke.

The Beast of Bodmin:

The Penge Panther:

The Surrey Puma:

The Beast of Exmoor:

Felicity The Puma:

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