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Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 47 Peter Byrne and a 2019 recap

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This week, we welcome legendary Bigfoot investigator, Peter Byrne. As many may know, Peter has spent over 60 years hunting for both the Yeti and Bigfoot around the world. We cover Peter’s work in India, Tibet and the Himalaya’s, meeting Tom Slick and his work hunting for Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. For Peter to still be out hunting for Bigfoot at 94 years of age is simply staggering so we keep things fairly brief for over 35 minutes. As such, we look back on 3 of my favourite interviews from last year, Episode 14 with Seth Breedlove covering Terror In The Skies, Episode 2 with Lyle Blackburn covering The Legend of Boggy Creek and Episode 21 with another Bigfoot legend, Ron Morehead. We have highlights from all three episodes prior to speaking with Peter. All three can be heard in full by clicking on the links below: Seth Breedlove Episode 14:Lyle Blackburn Episode 2:

Ron Morehead Episode 21: You can keep up to date with Peter’s work here: His books are also available through Amazon. Thank you for joining us Peter!

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