Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 28 Malcolm Robinson

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This week, we’re joined by British investigator and author Malcolm Robinson Malcolm has been investigating a wide range of phenomena over the year including Nessie, ghosts and poltergeists, UFOs and more. 

His dedication and tenacity have seen him travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. He set up the S.P.I. (Strange Phenomena Investigations) back in 1979 and recently received an award for his 40 years of investigation at the Outer Limits UFO conference. 

We discuss his career, his experience with the infamous Bob Taylor UFO attack case and Bob Taylor’s trousers,  hunting for Nessie, psychics, ghosts and poltergeists.  Malcolm doesn’t do many interviews, so we were delighted to have a chance to speak to him about these cases. 

Thanks for joining us to Malcolm. 

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