Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 216 Cryptids with Ken Gerhard

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It’s a warm welcome back to one of my favourite guests Ken Gerhard for a long overdue catch up since his last appearance back on Episode 120!

Ken’s had a hectic year with conferences, filming, expeditions and more and gives us a break down of some of the things he’s been up to this year.

We cover his trip out to California on the hunt for the Giant Salamander, a creature that seems to be as elusive as many water based creatures and a trip to Bluff Creek to pay homage and help out at the Patterson-Gimlin film site.

A brief foray into Bigfoot reports then leads us to finally get our teeth into Europe’s most famous cryptid case, the infamous Beast of Gevaudan.

It;s always a pleasure speaking with Ken and a big thank you to him for his time.

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