Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 202 A Witches Guide with Lisa McSherry

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On todays show, I am delighted to welcome author, witch and priestess Lisa McSherry for her debut.

With a long history of writing and contributing to periodicals, almanacs and publications over the last 20 years, Lisa joins me to discuss her latest book, “A Witches Guide To Crafting Your Practice”.

In it, Lisa breaks down the complexities of the American Wicca practice in a non-judgemental and accessible guide for anyone interested in learning where to start or how to refine their witchcraft.

Lisa shares her experiences and knowledge with good humour as we discuss the rise of paganism in the USA, the growth of online resources and the challenges people face when entering the worlds of Wicca and Paganism.

Her book can be found here:

Her website is here:

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