Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 181 Barry Fitzgerald with The Deception of Gods and Men

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Over the millennia, we have relied upon mystics, shamans and priests to explain what awaits us in the next life but what if it is all an illusion?

What really lurks behind the veil that seperates this world from the next? Could this world be something real and tangible and literally not of this earth.

What if the afterlife or other types of phenomena are all linked in some way, an illusion created by beings that exist in the periphery of our world and this other realm?

In “The Deception of Gods and Men” Barry Fitzgerald and Brian Allan dive in to the possibilities that we are all being manipulated by some shadowy puppetmasters who simply change their masks to suit the era’s that they appear in.

Barry joins me for a thought provoking conversation on this fascinating topic.

The book can be found here:

His website is here:

Thank you to Barry for joining me this week.

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