Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 121 The Van Meter Monster with Chad Lewis

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We all love a good monster mystery and some stand out from the majority either because they were so weird, so unusual or simply arrived and disappeared in a short space of time.   

From the Dover Demon, to the Enfield Horror and one of my favourites, the Fresno Nightcrawler, unique cryptids are rarely spotted as rarely as these guys.   One of the weirdest also occured in the little town of Van Meter in the autumn of 1903.

The origins of this weird, winged cryptid have baffle many a researcher but I am delighted to be joined by Chad Lewis to discuss the Van Meter Monster alongside his book with Kevin Lee Nelson and Noah Voss.   

If you’ve never heard of the Van Meter Monster, then prepared to be baffled, mystied and more by a singular creature that terrorised the town over a seven day span before disappearing back to whence it came and the pagges of fortean folklore.   

We also dive into Chad’s latest book, Supernatural Dares of the Mid-West, which sees Chad brave his hand at investigating over 40 supernatural dares said to punish those who try their luck.   

Chad’s books can be found here:  

A big thank you as always to Chad for his time and conversation. Enjoy!   

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All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.   

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