My Journey with Stage Fright + a Chat with Sara Rose of Femme Path

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Part 1: My Journey Through Stage Fright

In this episode, I am sharing my journey with stage fright. I never know when it is going to happen, but still, I show up. Spirit increases my capacity to hold space as my confidence builds, and my purpose is what keeps me going. I know that I am worthy of being heard, and I want you to know that you are too!


Some highlights of my journey through stage fright from the episode:

  • I was six the first time I had stage fright and, at the last minute, could not perform in a daycare play we were performing for our parents. After that, I preferred to be behind the scenes! 
  • Stage fright is a physical experience for me where I break out in hives, activate my nervous system, and become paralyzed.
  • Working in Indigenous health and wellness, I gradually was given more visible roles and projects that were getting media attention and awareness. 
  • I started hosting moon circles with only four people and stopped doing them when I got stage fright in a group of seventeen! 
  • Podcasting offered a way for me to heal my voice without having eyes on me. I deleted most of the original episodes I recorded, but I spontaneously published the episodes I had saved after a nervous breakdown at work and Spirit School was born! 
  • I recently had a stage fright experience where I completely shut down while asking John Edwards a question in a live online event. 


Part Two: Sara Rose

Sara Rose is a client of 3 years who is part of The Initiation Circle and was one of my first choices for readers to work under my Squamish Medium brand. I challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and record a podcast episode with me on the spot! You will love her peaceful, healing voice and energy.


After years of hiding her true Soul’s expression and experiencing guidance from the Universe in the form of health issues and struggles, Sara was guided back to a spiritually-fulfilled life. She created Femme Path Soul Care, where she offers Soul-Aligned Coaching, Energy Healing, Soul Reading, Chakra Reading and Mediumship. Sara believes that you are your best healer and that everything external is simply to augment what already exists within you. The main focus of her work is to empower you through conscious self-discovery by reconnecting you with the unique imprint that is your pure, essential Soul Expression.


Find Sara Rose here:

Instagram: @femme_path