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In this episode, I am sharing my journey to confidence in my personal life and mediumship development journey – as they are inseparable. In my experience, finding confidence is an inside job. 

In addition to stage fright, I had many experiences that contributed to my lack of confidence and self-worth in childhood. I was told by a teacher that I would never become anything but a drug dealer when I was in grade four. I started smoking and spending time with people who were not moving in a positive direction. I was also bullied so severely that I switched high schools and ended up being home-schooled. 

Although school was not a positive environment for me, I have always thrived in my career. I was recruited from a daycare job by a man willing to mentor me in his business. He gave me opportunities to grow with the company, and that was my introduction to the motorsports industry, working with men and excelling in my roles. I transitioned into the Indigenous health and wellness space when I planned on having a baby to have a more aligned lifestyle. 

My introduction to the corporate world and female leadership was not a positive one. However, after witnessing an Indigenous woman in her power in a meeting, I asked how I could work for her, and she made it happen. Under her leadership, I was able to build my confidence because she gave me every opportunity to have projects with high visibility and leadership roles. Most of my mediumship mentors appeared to have her level of confidence but, at their core, really did not. I used the skills from my corporate career to work through the wounds and not-enoughness that came up in my mediumship development journey. 

Though it is helpful to have mentors and teachers, it is ultimately up to us to do the work to heal our wounds and step into our power. Through healing in my human experience, my confidence in mediumship has expanded from the inside out. What I have learned to embrace is that being confident is a choice. 

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