My Father Shot a Creature -Canadian Sasquatch Reports From the Case Files of Chris Murphy

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Mrs. Joyce A. Russell called Bill Mason with the following information. “Aged 82 years old at the time, she claimed that in the year 1927 or 1928 while living on a farm in the area of Marchand Manitoba, 8 to 10 miles east of town, her father shot and killed a strange creature. She said that it was about 5 1/2 feet tall, with a “fat” belly and long arms. It was covered in long,”oily” hair. ( She said she remembered how it, the hair, felt !) Its eyes were all black, with no white showing which she found odd. She said that she remembered this creature hanging around the farm for a long time that summer, and her father was afraid for the family cow, so he finally shot the creature.

She remembered that her two brothers and her father went and buried the creature in the bush behind the farm in the area they buried trash etc. She tagged along being young

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