Music From the MTO Zendeh Delan Ensemble Mastered for the Tarmakoz Method

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Special Guests Omid Asgari, Media Relations Manager & Program Manager MTO Shahmaghsoudi® for London Centre & Dr. Saloumeh, Clinical Psychologist in Chicago joined our show to discuss music from the MTO Zendeh Delan Ensemble.  This Ensemble created 63 songs Mastered Specifically for the Tarmakoz Method-The Sufi Art of Concentration and Mediation.  Music heals the soul, and I am eager to present two specially produced meditation tracks from this amazing group towards the end of our show entitled “Hope” appearing at 44:10-47:12 of the episode, and “Wisdom” appearing at 47:20-51:10 of the episode.  These original songs were produced in their entirety through a virtual collaboration with musicians across multiple European cities, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.  The music for Tamarkoz® & Movazeneh®, created by MTO Zendeh Delan, is a melodic blend of Persian and Western musical modes and harmonies, that further include traces of diverse musical cultures from around the globe: Indian, African, Asian, Arabic, Native American, &  Spanish, as well as ambient sounds of nature. 

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