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Hosted ByNicole Kelso & Noelle Kruppa

(Explicit) Join best friends, Nicole and Noelle in the Haunted Attic as they talk about all sorts of strange and unusual topics. From history's most nefarious cults, local ghost stories, government conspiracies, murder mysteries, paranormal activities, urban legends, UFO phenomena, and unexplained events. Nothing is off limits but everything is unusual, so sit back, and remember to Celebrate the Strange and Keep it Unusual!

Mothman Part 1: Flatwoods Monster & Indrid Cold

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On this week’s episode, Nicole and Noelle take a trip to West Virginia for Mothman Part 1. You’ve heard of Mothman, everyone’s favorite cryptid. But the girls are here to tell about the creepy crawlies that came before. Country roads, take us home to the Flatwoods Monster and a visitor from Lanulos, humanoid extraterrestrial Indrid Cold. Oh and don’t forget about those weirdos, the Men in Black – all style, but no substance. Grab your mothballs and keep your eyes to the sky, you just might see something unexplainable… or maybe it’s just an owl. 



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