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During your paranormal investigation or ghost hunting activities you may have experienced man made interference during your paranormal investigation. Such things as construction, a local radio communications tower, appliances, electricity, your other devices, among many other things can interfere with your investigation. What I haven’t seen discussed on paranormal televisions shows very often, if at all, is how natural situations provided by mother nature, can affect your paranormal investigation. Over the next four podcast episodes I will discuss a bunch of these situations so they can be taken into account when performing a science based paranormal investigation.

A nearly identical transcript of this episode may be found at https://www.mwvspirit.com/blog/2021/12/09/mother-natures-effects-on-your-paranormal-investigation-part-1/

Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT
(Scientific Paranormal Investigations, Research, and Interpretation Team)

We are a group of paranormal investigators and researchers whom have dedicated ourselves to continually educating ourselves, other paranormal investigation or ghost hunting groups, and the general public about paranormal science, related sciences, investigation philosophy, tools, & techniques, as well as proper comportment and professionalism while engaged in investigations or research. This podcast with be an audible version of our blog on the website which will explore topics pertaining to paranormal science and parapsychology.

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