Misfits and Mysteries

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(Explicit) Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast that explores everything from the supernatural to the very natural. Tune in every Thursday to hear about the world's weirdest and wackiest phenomena; from Bigfoot erotica political scandals to aliens and Cryptids to folklore and history to movies and psychology and everything in between. We're your home to all things weird and wacky.

Misfits and Mysteries – Reincarnation, Zoo Tycoon, Curse of the Pharaohs, and Little Bastard

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Calling all Egyptologists! On this episode of the Misfits and Mysteries podcast, Emmy takes us through the Egyptian past life of Dorthy Eady, aka Om Sety; it’s case study that will make you believe in reincarnation. Next, Steve discusses Mummy curses and a possessed car named Little Bastard. Moral of the story? Don’t use a dead mummy hand as a paperweight.
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