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(Explicit) Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast that explores everything from the supernatural to the very natural. Tune in every Thursday to hear about the world's weirdest and wackiest phenomena; from Bigfoot erotica political scandals to aliens and Cryptids to folklore and history to movies and psychology and everything in between. We're your home to all things weird and wacky.

Misfits and Mysteries Ft. Micheal Womer The Gator Crusader – Krampus, and Ep. 5 of Kid Nation

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One of our favorite Misfits, Michael the Gator Crusader, joins us on this very special episode! This experienced alligator trainer and conservationist tells the wackiest stories this week. Falling into a pit full of gators and living to tell the tale? Been there. Getting married in an alligator enclosure? Done that. After the interview, stick around because Steve and Emmy keep with this month’s holiday theme and talk about one of Emmy’s all-time favorite topics: Krampus! Don’t be naughty this year or he might leave a potato in your shoe. Lastly, these two finish it off with episode 5 of Kid Nation — there’s an election in Bonanza City, and it’s a real doozy. You can find more of Michael the Gator Crusader on his website:  You can also check out our friends at For Nerds By Nerds Podcast here: 
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