Misfits and Mysteries – Ft. Ladies Fright Podcast, Urban Legends from NY and NJ, Curse of the New Orleans Saints and the final episode of Kid Nation.

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Oh Misfits, have we got an episode for you! This week we’re joined by the wonderful Ladies Fright podcast, who chat with us about urban legends from New York and New Jersey— and these stories run the gambit from insane asylum spirits to WWI ghosts and everything in between. Somehow, this episode contains a lot of supernatural stories related to dogs as well, so get ready. Next, just in time for the Super Bowl, Steve talks about the curse of the New Orleans Saints’ arena, which was built on top of a cemetery — it contains witchdoctor so it’s of course one of Emmy’s favorite stories. Then, the two cap off the episode with the FINAL episode of kid nation 🙁 you don’t want to miss it!

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