Misfits and Mysteries

Hosted BySteve and Emmy

(Explicit) Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast that explores everything from the supernatural to the very natural. Tune in every Thursday to hear about the world's weirdest and wackiest phenomena; from Bigfoot erotica political scandals to aliens and Cryptids to folklore and history to movies and psychology and everything in between. We're your home to all things weird and wacky.

Misfits and Mysteries – Celebrity Alien Encounters, The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, and Episode 2 of Kid Nation

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Greetings earthlings, and welcome back to the Misfits and Mysteries podcast! In this week’s special extraterrestrial-themed episode, Emmy talks about three well-known celebrities’ UFO experiences (or was it the just the taco gas station weed?) Next, Steve takes us through the first ever documented alien abduction story. Stick around to hear their reactions to episode 2 of Kid Nation, where the kids debate whether they should kill a chicken… make sure to check it out on YouTube before listening! Tune in every Thursday for more mind-blowing and hysterical content. You can also check out our blog on our website: misfitsandmysteries.com And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @podcast_misfits ! As always, stay spooky, friends.

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