Minisode: Cadaver Trivia w/ Jeremiah Kipp

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I want to play a game.

For the past month, you’ve been programming heavy content pondering themes of abuse and the ethics of filmmaking. Now we’ll see if you have the knowledge it takes to compete in a fun trivia competition instead! Because game shows don’t have enough horror.

We’ll be covering everything from Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street to It Follows and Get Out; from Stephen King to John Carpenter; from Dracula and Frankenstein to  Re-Animator.

David leads this contest as co-hosts Devin and Rob pit their scary movie knowledge against guest star Jeremiah Kipp, director of upcoming monster movie Slapface. But there can only be one winner.

Stay tuned till the end to hear about which films we’ll be covering up next!


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Theme by Adaam James Levin Areddy. Cover art by Omri Kadim. Music featured in this episode: Skeleton Dance by Myuu.