Mike Bara’s take on Ukraine in Russia and Dr. Dr, Turi Like the great prophet Nostradamus

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Mike Bara’s take on Ukraine in Russia and his projects he’s working on. He’s the Author at Adventures Unlimited Press,

Truth Behind the Moon Landing,

Author at Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies. He’s a

Presenter at Syfy Original Special: Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed

Author at Ancient Aliens on Mars II-

Presenter at Uncovering -Aliens-

Presenter at Ancient Aliens-

Author at The Choice-

Former Author at Ancient Aliens on Mars-

Former Author at Ancient Aliens on the Moon-

Former Co-Author at Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA. He’s

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Dr, Turi

Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France.

World famous UFO’s contactee, cancer survivor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Turi is a captivating speaker, author of many books and his profound Cosmic Wisdom continues to astonish skeptics and believers alike.

He has been a regular guest on George Noory, Coast to Coast am popular program.

He also appeared on William Shatner’s Weird or What TV show, The History channel, the BBC in London, and on countless radio and televised programs worldwide.

Dr. Turi graduated from the Royal School of Music in London and was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who’s Who in America.”

Dr. Turi has counseled people from all walks of life including many celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and David Icke to name a few.

He channels his inner ET entity: Draco and speaks of his five, incredible fifth kind UFO’s experiences all over the world.

Those mind-boggling encounters lead Dr. Turi to rekindle the great Seer Nostradamus’ prophetic visions and natural healing work.

Dr. Turi teaches the mighty secrets of the Supra-conscious in time and space and its interaction with the “Cosmic Core.”

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