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Stand up comedian Ryan Singer has in-depth interviews with people possessing paranormal abilities or experiences outside the ordinary. He sits down with people from all walks of life to discuss their experience as empaths, mediums, UFO experiencers, cryptozoologists, members of secret societies and much more to help himself better understand his past experiences with people possessing supernatural abilities. Please call the hotline 818-839-0593 with questions, comments, suggestions, or your experiences and stories.

Midnight Scario Podcast – 3rd Ear Bonus 130

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Midnight Scario is a podcast I think you’ll really like. It has Dave, Aline and CeeCee bringing you great discussions on all the things we love to chat about and investigate with our curious minds. As the 10th 13th 3rd Ear Bonus, I thought it a great opportunity to showcase their work and maybe you’ll add them into your paranormal rotation.
Midnight Scario is a weekly paranormal podcast exploring the esoteric side of life from conspiracies to the cosmos. We have three rotating co-hosts (Alina, CeeCee, and Chris) who focus on the realms of the occult, extraterrestrial lore, and true crime, as well as a weekend edition featuring interviews, guest co-hosts, and episodes a little more outside the box. Our website is They can be found on all social media, too! – Merch available! Artwork by James Roper
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