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Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts (www.theyfly.com), which he has researched since 1979 (and proved to be absolutely authentic). He is the writer and producer of the new, award-winning feature length documentary, “The Silent Revolution of Truth”, as well as the writer, producer and narrator of the DVD “The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival”.
Billy Meier is one of the most controversial people in the field of Ufology. His beautiful UFO pictures from the 70s are probably the most famous UFO pictures throughout the world. He also claimed to have contact with the pilots of these craft, humanoids from the Pleiades called Plejarens.
We’ll talk about why Michael is so certain that these contacts are legitimate, and the so-called prophicies Meier’s has received from the Plejarens that are effecting our lives today.