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The Ghost Light Theater is an Anthological Horror Podcast hosted by “The Ethereal Actor” Lucious W. Griot, showcasing ghost stories, poems, plays (New & Old Time Radio), and anything else under the setting sun from the dark depths of Speculative Fiction, with the hope of providing Haunting stimulation for your imagination, all for your Frightful, Earthbound Entertainment. Here, in The GLT, it’s always Spooky Season.
Thank You, for leaving the light on for us.

Merry Posthumous Christmas/”Quarantine-mas” (Episode #3)

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HO HO Oh…Hello again, Dear Friends! It has been some time since we last lit the flames of the gas lamps in our cold, quiet theater. We took some time off during the holidays of the cold, Winter months then when we returned and began production on episode 3, the world decided to fashion a nice hand basket for itself to go to Hell in… We heard you all are in Quarantine right now, and so Lucious & the entire team agreed that we MUST help you all out since the future of attending large gatherings, such as theatrical performances, are currently up in the air. Our door, here at the “Theater of the After Life”, is always open.

*Post-hu-mous: (adjective) occurring, awarded, or appearing after death…* We, spirits, are none too fond of the warmth that Spring & Summer bring (perhaps we have just grown too accustom to the dark, cold embrace of the grave, but then again, we aren’t leaving any time soon), so this time of year has us longing for the Fall & Winter, and the latter is the setting for our play this evening. Glenn Doyle’s 20 Questions is our shadowy showcase, and we thank him for his blessing to perform his story on our program! While we’re doling out thank you’s, we send a special thank you to artist, Miss Amber Faye Armstrong for sketching the special, haunting cover art of “Dark Santa” for this episode! You can Follow Mr. Doyle on Instagram: @glenn_a_doyle, Miss Armstrong on Instagram: @ambubblebubs, and, while you’re there, Follow the show (if you haven’t already): @TheGhostLightTheaterPod

If you, or someone you know, are interested in having a play/story (true or fiction) performed on the show, Email us:

*Headphones are encouraged, but headphone users should also Beware…*

(Songs in order of use)

Special Posthumous Christmas Theme Song: Silent Night (Unholy Night) by Alexander Nakarada | | Music promoted by | Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) |

Song #1: Santa’s Tricks by Myuu | | Music promoted by | Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License |

Song #2: Krampus Is Here by Myuu | | Music promoted by | Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License |

Song #3: Alien Spaceship Atmosphere from

Song #4: Jingle Bells Track by SPANAC

Sound FX from &

*Podcast produced & Edited by: Alvan Bolling II

*Voice Acting by: Alvan Bolling II

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