Mental, Trance, and Physical Mediumship with Declan Flynn

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Declan Flynn is from Dublin,  Ireland, and has been involved with mediumship since 2004, when he had his first communication from the other world. 


He has trained at Arthur Finland College in London and had been awarded speaking and demonstration certificates from the Spiritualist National Union UK. 


Over the years Declan has developed mental mediumship as well as trance, moving into trance speaking, healing, and physical mediumship. 

Declan has traveled and worked not just in Ireland but in Spiritualist churches and centers in UK,  Norway, and Canada in Calgary.  


He loves to bring the two worlds together demonstrating his ability in Divine services and evenings of mediumship. 


Over the years Declan has taught mediumship online with students from around the globe. 

Aside from working with Spirit, Declan is an online personal trainer and horticulturalists.

Declan shares about his journey from catholic upbringing, to atheism to Spiritualism through a series of events in his life. 

As a sitting Physical Medium, he was also able to shed light on modern-day seances, ectoplasm, and more! Something that has gathered quite a bit of attention since the Netflix airing of Surviving Death! 

I enjoyed speaking with Declan after following his amazing journey since 2014, I trust you will really enjoy this interview as well! 

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