Memories That Don’t Fade | A Conversation With Jeff Konkel

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Jeff Konkel experienced true paranormal trauma as a child. The two months that Jeff and his family spent in a haunted house would leave him with a lifetime of stories and mental scars that would never fully heal. A force with enough strength to propel bee-bee at passing cars with the force of a rifle, lodge floppy kitchen knives into the sides of solid oak cabinets and pull a fully grown man off his bed in the middle of the night is was just some of what Jeff experienced as a child. Experiences that would lead him on a lifelong journey to find answers as to why we are surrounded by unseen spirits and forces.

  • Was the house that Jeff Grew up in so infested with the paranormal that almost anyone could experience the spirits there?
  • Does Jeff think that the spirts ever try to physically harm people or is it more a goal of psychological damage?
  • Has anyone else ever lived on the property?
  • Is there ever a way to make peace with a property like that or a way to fully eradicate it?
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