Member Preview | 479: The Host and The Body Snatcher

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In Episode 479: The Host and the Body Snatcher, we are joined by Andrew, who presents a unique topic of conversation: Andrew’s girlfriend has a multiple personality disorder, and I set up an interview to speak with them because the show frequently dives into demonic possession; in some cases, the characteristics of possession and multiple personality disorder seem to have many similarities. The night before Andrew, his girlfriend Pam, and myself were originally scheduled to record, I had one of the most horrifying dreams I can remember. In the dream, I was recording a video interview with a couple, when the woman started to manifest as a demon and crawl through the screen at me. I was so disturbed by this dream that I postponed the interview to a later date, feeling as though God was telling me we were going to be dealing with a strong possession and I needed others with me in the studio to record. During this time of postponement, Pam’s other personality discovered she was planning to talk to me and forbade it from happening. Andrew and Pam became more convinced that they are not dealing with another personality, but rather with an entity. The entity’s name is Angela, and she has been known to take over Pam’s body for a few hours to up to a month at a time. During these periods, Andrew speaks directly with Angela and has learned that “she” is not the only entity housing itself in Pam’s body. Angela has a job to do, and that job is to prepare Pam’s body for a more powerful entity. When that entity comes into Pam, it will not share that space. Angela will need to leave, and even more terrifying, Pam will have to leave too. Right now as this episode airs, Andrew and Pam are at a very crucial point in time where, if things do not go the right way, they might lose Pam forever. After you hear this ongoing story, you will have to ask yourself, “Are there more people like Pam out there?” People who are not who they once were because an entity has taken control of their bodies and is using them as vessels to accomplish their nefarious means.

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