Member Preview | 423: Dare To Prepare with Chad Catron & Carlton Moore

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A couple of weeks ago I spent time on a show intro urging my listeners to prepare themselves and their households for tough times ahead. Gas prices are sky-high, our governments are on the verge of WW3, and ESG social credit scores are being implemented through the banking system. All these things and more point to very hard times for the average global citizen. So, what can you do? Though nothing is 100% the certain answer and solution, taking action now to be more self-sustainable is going to put the odds in your favor to keep food on your table for you and your family.

In Episode 423: Dare To Prepare we are joined by Chad Catron from North Country Off Grid and Carlton Moore from The Farmacy Seed Network to share helpful tips on how to get started on living a life of independence where you rely on your own abilities to survive.

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