Mediums; The Rockstars of the Psychic World…

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No other psychic ability has fallen under the microscope quite like mediumship. From the fraudulent con-artistry of the Fox Sisters in the 1800's to the flamboyant characters of today's reality television, skeptics and believers alike have a shared fascination with their claimed connection to those on the other side.

But as with most things, broken down into it's individual parts and looked at from different angles, it might give any skeptic pause. Because as with most things…there's a lot more going on below the surface than can be seen when screaming and pointing fingers from a distance.

Today we discuss the ability itself, the unique ways medium's interpret their information, telepathy as a less thought of possible way they are doing what they do, a deeper look at some of our most well known modern mediums and of course…how to know whether you, too, might possess a talent…for communicating with the dead.

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