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See what Spirit has to say about the teachings leading into May 2023 – I’ll give you a hint, it has a lot to do with your Light. 

Desire to learn Mediumship Development? The Initiation starts May 19th! https://www.squamishmedium.com/mediumship-foundations 

Already developed and looking for a safe space to practice? Join the Collective for bi-weekly practice circles with me, partner pairings weekly and get to practice on volunteer public sitters! https://www.squamishmedium.com/spiritschoolcollective 

Free weekly meditations and activities in Spirit School: https://myspiritschoolcollective.com/plans/217455

Join Sheila V and myself in Spirit School HQ (Squamish Canada) for a two day workshop on building your intuitive muscles and spiritual self-esteem! https://www.sheilav.co/bravely-spiritual-squamish 


See you in Spirit School!