Maurice on Mars, Tim Barnes on Earth

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On episode 270 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we welcome Tim Barnes. Barnes is a New York City based comedian, TV writer, and creator of the new Comedy Central animated series, Maurice on Mars. The series follows Maurice, a 25-year-old Black struggling artist-who happens to work minimum wage at a coffee shop on Mars. The Martian colony is supposed to be a utopia, yet old Earth problems still manage to pop up in the cafe, sometimes as fierce debates, and other times as fist fights. Each episode follows Maurice just trying to get through a day of work on a planet far away from home. The series, made in partnership with Cartuna, was written and created by Barnes (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), and features a cast including Lori Beth Danberg (All That), Clare O’Kane (Shrill), Dwayne Kennedy (How High, Martin). Today, we’ll discuss the inception of the series, the social issues it touches on, and Barnes’ thoughts on alien life, UFOs, and so much more!

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