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Hi Weirdos!

Welcome to our favorite time of the year!! Time to tell GHOST STORIES!    This is another edition of LISTENER GHOST STORIES– where Lauren and Ashley tell each other REAL LIFE spooky stories either sent in by YOU, the listener or found on different online forums we are a part of.     This time ’round we are encountering a LOT of different oddities– ghost children, haunted sheds, astral projection, near death experiences, guardian angels, light beings, glitches in the matrix, lost time and SO much more!!    Thank you to all of the wonderful weirdos who allowed us to tell your stories.  Thank you to Vivek Abishek for creating the music you hear in this episode.  Thank you to for supplying the sound effects.     If YOU have a strange/scary/unexplainable story you’d like to hear on this show email it to us at with Listener Ghost Stories in the subject line! As usual, these episodes are usually best enjoyed with a pair of headphones, a warm blanket and all of the lights turned on….