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As always, the world of Spirit inspires the monthly Spirit Messages through my own life and experiences. I have been going through a dark night of the soul since November and was feeling the loneliness that often comes with these times. I shared an inspired post on Instagram and it resonated with hundreds of people, reminding us all that we are not alone when we are doing our deep inner work.


We tend to focus on the light but the shadows stay in our body and will come up eventually. I am often thanked for being vulnerable on the podcast and in classes. Vulnerability must come naturally for me because I feel like it is part of sharing authentically. I know it can feel unsafe and like it is only for our close circle, but what if we expanded beyond that so that more people could feel seen in the world? Imagine if we were to process and share these things as they come up to release them instead of carrying them around.


I have been struggling emotionally and was feeling bad because my life is so beautiful. After feeling this way for a couple of weeks, I decided to join a breathwork session that was offered through a course I am in. I have avoided breathwork because of its vulnerability but this ended up being one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It broke me open and there were sounds that came out of me from a version of myself that I didn’t know existed. It’s often in these moments of crumbling that we are brought back into devotion. When we feel like we are spiraling and don’t have control, the answer is to take a seat and tune within. 


This path means surrendering to something greater than ourselves and the unpredictability of these cycles. I don’t believe in consistency as a goal because we are not the same person every day. We need to honour the ebbs and flows and allow ourselves space to rest when we need it. The momentum created will sustain us when we take a break. 


Another thing to remember is that we all have blind spots, which is why we hire mentors and coaches. Sometimes emotions and patterns that we carry are not even our own. Working with healers and mentors allows me to hold space for the people who are looking to me and tapping into my energy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If we want to have it all, we cannot do it alone.



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