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As The Paracast begins its 19th year, Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Peter Robbins, an investigative writer, author and lecturer best known for his books, columns, articles, radio commentaries, interviews and conference talks about UFOs. He has appeared as a guest on and been consultant to numerous television programs and documentaries. Robbins’ longtime interest in and research into the life and scientific discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich have led to series of published papers and conference talks in the US and the UK, and presentations at for the International Conference on the Scientific Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, Nice France; the American College of Orgonomy’s conferences in New York City and Princeton New Jersey, and For the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory conferences held near Ashland Oregon. His professional credits include, Editorial Assistant on United Nations’ Secretary General’s (requested) report “for the establishment of a UN-UFO Department,” and Editorial Assistant for Member of Parliament, the Honorable Brinsley Le Poer Trench, Earl of Clancarty’s (requested) paper for The House of Lords 1980 Debate on UFOs. Robbins was also a founding member of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation, member of its Advisory Board, and Executive Assistant to Mr. Hopkins. He was Event Coordinator for the SCI FI Channel’s “Alien Abduction Phenomenon: A Symposium,” organized to promote the release of the Steven Spielberg miniseries “Taken,” and writer, planner and commentator for the “Ultimate UFO” and “Ultimate Crop Circle” DVD sets. You can check out his weekly show, “Meanwhile, Here On Earth LIVE” on Mondays at 7:00 PM EST by going to http://www.unxnetwork.com and clicking on “X-Stream / Listen or Watch” at the top of the page.