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Many People have Seen Bigfoot whilst out walking the Dog. And these are their stories.

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Bigfoot Type Creature Seen by a Dog Walker, Oct 2019- Hi Deb , I mentioned on the last live chat, my Bigfoot encounter, and due to the easy experience of sharing I now feel able to share this event more freely. My memory unfortunately isn’t good at remembering precise dates. I was walking my dog on our local park, in spring this year 2019. We were about three quarters of the way around our walk, we got to the section of the park where there are head high bushes to the right of us, and there are about 10 trees between the bushes and the path we were walking on. To the left of us there are several large oak trees spread out across 500 yards. The pathway splits into two and you can go towards the road, or carry on around the park, which is roughly 1/2 mile from that point. 

As me and my very old dog who is 15 were about 50 yards from the fork in the path, I looked to the right where there are 2 sweet chestnut trees, these trees are around 15 feet apart and their trunks are a good 10 inches across. Standing next to the tree nearest to us, was a tall (7ft ish) hair covered ‘something’ What that ‘something’ was I can not explain. ‘It’ was a golden brown colour,’It’ had a slim build, not bulky. ‘It’ was sideways on to us facing towards the bushes. I looked at my dog who was on my left side, to see if he had noticed “it” but he was sniffing the floor completely unaware?

Mind you he is 16 and he may not have heard, seen or smelled the ‘visitor’ beside the trees. I just walked on in amazement really, not fear. As I looked back to the same area to check if he was following, the hairy one had gone. I couldn’t see how “It” vanished so quickly, as the trees there are Hawthorne and Lime. I should have been able to see him. The bushes were too far for a person to get behind the short few seconds when I was looking away.  I Do have photos of stick leans before and since, but I cannot believe I saw a bigfoot on our park! 

This situation taken at first glance seems to be out of the ordinary, a woman walking her dog, an ordinary thing people do everyday when she sees something impossible in the local park or nature reserve. This surely is a one off event. 

An 8 foot Biped, Slightly Slouched Forward Seen by a Dog Walker in Sale- When I had a dog I would get up early morning and walk it before work – about 6 am. This morning was not unusual, I had walked to Walton Park in Sale (M33) which is not to far from my house. It was just getting light and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground so even though everything was silhouetted the ‘Thing’ I saw stood out against the white background.

I had walked through the main entrance and after a few seconds of looking forward straight ahead I noticed what seemed to be an 8 foot bi-ped, it was standing on two legs and was slightly bent forward in the upper body. It started to casually walk across the bowling green, ‘It’ took big paces and did not seem to be in any rush. ‘It’ walked diagonally away from where I was standing and it seemed to be just going about ‘Its’ business. I kept watching it  until my view of ‘It’ was obstructed by the trees. At that moment one of the usual dog walkers I see often entered the park and caught up to me. I turned around and wanted to ask ‘did you see who that was?/who was that?/what was that?’, but for some reason I didn’t, I just kept it to myself and stayed silent. It was about 30 ft away from me when ‘It’ walked straight past me.

We did the usual walk around and I gave the dogs a run by which point it became light mostly and I saw nothing else. The dogs didnt seem worried. I never felt scared or threatened but think I probably should have done.  I saw this huge ‘Thing’ which appeared to be all black in colour and ‘It’ walked a bit bent over, sort of slouched, with longer than human arms. The way ‘It’ looked is what convinced me ‘It; wasnt ‘normal’. This is a really quiet chilled area which backs onto the canal. I never saw it again, but I thought you would want to know about it.

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