Man With No Face | True Ghost Stories

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Man With No Face

What was the entity that a woman saw, who had no face? 
 Here is a preview of the story.

“My sister Nicole tapped me on the shoulder. She said Shari was that.? I look over to the left to see a group of people in the same clothing running forward…if you have been to seven bridges, you know about the huge cinderblocks in the water separated about a foot apart. Really only room for one person on there. Well, again, as we looked in their direction, we noticed them running along with the blocks that go out into the water. There had to be about 5 to 7 people in the same clothing with their hoods up. As they ran on the bricks, they all ended up on the end of the last brick out in the water, which is impossible, being that there is not that much room for that many people on one block. Well, they started to run, which looked in the opposite direction. My sister pointed it out again and yelled, they are running towards us! I said, no, they are not. It looks as if they are going the other way! My brother, who looks just like Jesus with his brown wavy hair, was just laughing and not even paying attention.”

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