Man With Horns | True Ghost Stories

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Some teens play what they think is an innocent childhood mystery game only to discover they conjured up something very dark.
Here is a preview of the story. 
“This is when someone would lay on the ground, and there would be four girls around the person on the ground, one on each shoulder and one on each leg or somewhere around there.  It has been a long time, so I am not sure I remember the specifics.  You would then start to chant “light as a feather, stiff as a board” At this point if it were done right, the persons on each side of the person lying on the ground would use only two fingers and raise the body of that person on the ground.  Believe me, it works.  We did it a few times before it was my turn to be one of the four girls lifting.  As we were doing this, I looked out the window, and I saw a figure of what I can only call a devil at that age.  It was tall as the window was high up and scary looking.  It had horns.  It scared all of us, and I know I was not the only person who saw it as we all scrambled out of the room after pointing at it.  There was no one outside.”

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