Man Delivers Message After Cremation! | Best of RGSO

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Did the spirit of a loved one return after their body had been turned to ash through cremation?
Here is a preview of the story.
“Well, I did have him cremated as he wanted but didn’t throw him in the lake. I wanted to wait until my son was ready. Well – that took 7 years. I had him in a beautiful urn that suited him well. Finally, it was ok, and we decided to do this. A man that had been friends since 2nd grade wanted to give us the boat ride to the spot, we had in mind so my son, his family and I all loaded into the boat – it was a long boat ride, but the day was beautiful, and it was perfect. We revisited a few places that we had spent YEARS going to, and then got to the place. My son and I held the urn together and released it on the count of 3; it vanished in the blink of an eye, and we all started crying; his friend said, “one last beer, buddy.” He and my son each took one drink from hubby’s favorite beer and then poured the beer into the lake, and then I placed a bunch of flowers in the water as well. (At this point I need to say that this spot is VERY deep and there is no way that anyone would ever run into it or find it or net it)

The day after this happened, my son and his family had to go home. I was sitting in my favorite spot outside after they left; it was a beautiful sunny day with no wind – and I’d only been sitting there alone for a few minutes when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye – a beautiful white feather was descending to the ground in a circular movement as in a straight down coil, about 3 feet from me – I looked up – there were no birds. There was no breeze. there were no trees over me. But I saw that feather and I felt good. In my head, I felt the words “thank you.””

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