Malcolm X

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On this episode we discuss one of the most quoted and revered civil rights leaders of all time; a man whose ideological journey is sometimes truncated to serve political purposes; a man who the term ‘died before his time’ was created for; Malcolm X.

Born Malcolm Little to a family of meagre means he grew to become one of the heads of the black nationalist organisation known as The Nation of Islam. With this vast and popular platform and a lifetime of prejudice encouraged by the teachings of black leaders like Marcus Garvey; Malcolm enthralled thousands of Black Americans with his rhetoric.

But circumstances and allegiances changed quite quickly for Malcolm and with the interference of the CIA and FBI as well as sedition within his own organisation; Malcolm was marked for death as a figure that was just too popular and powerful to live. He died by the hands of assassins, former friends and colleagues and his passing left a sinister mark on the record of American Civil Rights.

His life and teachings however are still discussed, taught and applauded in many different ideological circles. We talk about the man and his growth, his beginning and his end. A life well lived and ended too soon.


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