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On this episode we talk about the worst kept secret in UFO culture; and yet one of the most intangible and unprovable secret cabals of knowledge and power; The Majestic 12. Created in 1947 as the committee to hide UFO knowledge from the population; Project MJ12 and its high ranking members knew that the UFO phenomenon was about to get big. They had to control this narrative.

Top level military and intelligence appointments to Majestic 12 ensured its secrecy and its potential influence over the UFO hysteria sweeping the nation. They needed to control the media, who were rabid with stories of sightings and close encounters daily. UFO mania was on and a measured approach to the problem was needed.

Majestic 12 was one barely provable operation by US military; but experiments like Project Sign, Project Grudge and Project Mogul were documented and very real, and laid beside MJ12, made the whole thing to seem more legitimate somehow. When documents found their way into the hands of Stand Freidman and Bill Moore the UFO community went bananas over this ‘evidence’

This could all be a top level hoax to distract a population willing to believe; so join us as I chat with @EdwinSammon and @KevinMcGahern as we go in search of the elusive Majestic 12

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