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On this episode we talk about a famed sick video maker, self anointed master criminal and star of the Netflix documentary series “Don’t F**k with Cats” Luka Magnotta. Comedian Danny O’Brien joins me to chat about Luka and his sick scheme to capture the imaginations of internet sleuths to help him realise a twisted fantasy to commit a very public murder.

Across continents and through the power of the internet Luka killed Jun Lin on camera and put it on the internet; while a team of internet nerds were manipulated in a cat and mouse game to track him down, he fled from North America to Europe in a wild ‘Catch Me If You Can’ style chase which resulted in his arrest.

From Luka’s admittedly rough and weird childhood to his gruesome execution of Chinese student Jun Lin he led a very strange and high risk life including dreams of becoming an actor and the nightmare of being forced to engage in depraved sexual acts for money!

Great craic had with Danny O’Brien on this one and you can find Danny on IG http://www.instagram.com/dobcomedy or on his website http://www.gardengigsireland.com if you want to be kept up to date about his future dates or even book him for your own show in Ireland 😀


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