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This is a special episode, it’s both our 100th and we are taking the red pill and going deep, deep into a subject I have never covered on this podcast before. It’s a little out of my normal range of subjects. But, it’s a special episode. So let’s see how deep this rabbit hole actually goes. My guest this episode is a part of a secret, government run program, where they became what is called a super-soldier. A person with augmented physical abilities and that is used mostly off the planet.

This subject has been brought to the public’s attention for a few years now. But, mostly those who have shared their information have been ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at. Of course, some of them are absolutely disinformation, with a bit of truth thrown in. So people will resonate with the truth and not really question the untruths, or misinformation. But some, like my guest, are genuinely simply sharing their knowing. So, are you ready to take the red pill and join me for our 100th episode and see how far this rabbit hole goes?

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