Lost Souls and Lost Cities: Stories of Polar Terror

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In a MUSICAL episode long delayed, Cian welcomes Leanne from The Strange Ways blog to talk about the special place the chilly polar extremes have always held in fact and specifically horror fiction. The poles themselves become mirrors through which colonial-era Europeans saw themselves and measured their achievements. We discuss Dan Simmons’ book The Terror, the more recent TV adaptation, the clairvoyants who searched for the lost Captain Franklin, Arthur Conan Doyle’s captain Of The Pole Star, ghost stories of Scott and Shackleton, Frankenstein and its polar bookend, and lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness. And there’s even a couple of polar exploration-themed songs along the way!

Songs performed by Geraldine Gill, Kevin Gill and Cian Gill. Intro music by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill

Buy Me An Eldritch, Cyclopian Coffee


Leanne’s Blog, The Strange Ways


The Spectral Arctic, Shane McCorristine

The Spectral Arctic

Writing The Disaster, Franklin and Frankenstein, Adriana Craciun


The Sea of Ice And The Icy Sea, The Arctic Frame Of Frankenstein, Janice Cavell