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What might have been? That is what one listener ponders as they look back on a love that was lost too early in life. 
Here is a preview of the story.
“So about two years later, I married my husband and was became pregnant with our first child. One night after going to bed, I got a phone call at about 1:30 in the morning. It was Aiden. He was crying, sitting in his car outside of he and Laura’s apartment. They had a massive fight. She had beat him, but he refused to hit her back, so he left the house. He had also been drinking, I could tell. He emotionally admitted that he’d never lost feelings for me and that he wished he would have been with me instead of Laura. He and Laura’s relationship was toxic. 
There were several late-night phones calls over a several-month period after that. He and Laura fought a lot. I told him several times that he needed to leave her, but he refused, trying to convince himself that he was happy. He admitted that his landscape business had failed due to her controlling nature of him, his finances and his friendships. It came to the point where I gave him an ultimatum. He had to either break up with Laura for good, or else I would stop contacting him. She was killing him, and I wasn’t going to watch it happen.
Looking back, I wish I would have kept in contact. Here’s why. After having my first child, I was a stay-at-home mom for two years and I became pregnant with our second child. My husband and I then decided that two incomes were better than one and I started a job. My youngest just turned a year. I had tried to reach out to Aiden after having my second kiddo, but my text messages returned unread. A month ago, I had a client in our office that had the same last name as Aiden, and I inquired if she knew someone by that name.”

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