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Wisdom from an illustrious Psychic Cowgirl ®; Reverend Shannon Laackmann B.Msc, C.Ht brings a practical cowgirl wisdom to metaphysical topics to help you increase your awareness, intuition and understanding of yourself on your personal journey. Warning: hanging out with this Psychic Cowgirl will automatically raise your vibration, and increase your intuitive talents.

Looking for Answers from Oracles

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How do you handle decisions, BIG questions and overall knowing changes are coming?  I love getting readings from my psychic pals or strangers depending on the situation.

 What happens when you get readings and get more readings and then one more just because you are feeling unsure.  It is very easy to cross the line from getting support from readings to Oracle Abuse.   

Oracle Abuse can happen when you continuously get readings from psychics, intuitives, astrologers, numerologists, Akashic record readers etc…..and ask them all the same questions, especially if you are hoping for a different answer.


 Sometimes….we can ask as often or as many times or as many ways as we want but the answer is for us to figure out on our own. 

Or the answer is simply not yet or there is a timing involved that changes and  has more to do with global energies than with your own energies and what you are putting into the situation.  

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