Lon Strickler | Russian Bigfoot, Flying Humanoids, Paranormal Parallel Realities and Ultraterrestrial Encounters

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Lon Strickler, Author and Paranormal Researcher, joins me to discuss his lifelong pursuit into the paranormal realms from an experience at The Gettysburg Battlefield viewing a spectral portal into the past, to coming face to face with the Sykesville Monster, which inspired a lifelong fascination with Paranormal Creatures. We discussed Flying Humanoids, Mothman, and other strange winged creatures seen throughout The Great Lakes and Appalachian Regions of The U.S. I asked Lon about an associate of his name David Eckhart who has an unparalleled story of Alien and Poltergeist activity in his home. We also chatted about The Conewago Screams, The Todd Sees Mystery and Lon’s thoughts on the origins or source of these paranormal creatures.
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Andrew Rouse Joined me for an extended outro where he shared his own bigfoot encounter, and his thoughts on some lesser kown cryptids we found on a website newanimals.org Be sure to support Andy at The Deep Share Podcast
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