Living With The Dead A Conversation With Frank Cinelli

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Everyone sees their imaginary friends.  That is what Frank Cinelli thought for many years until he realized that was not the norm.  This and several other childhood experiences involving the dead would lead him on a path of trying to understand the dead better and seek answers. Franks’s experiences are utterly unique, from being part of an accidental exorcism to removing a haunted painting from home and more.  This is his story.

  • Have you ever had an investigation where you knew what you were walking into was dark and felt this would take a lot of strength not to show fear?
  • Why does Frank believe that investigations are becoming darker and darker?
  • What was the history of the painting that would not burn?
  • Why does Frank never want to be part of an exorcism again?
  • Are animals the ultimate “ghost detector,” why don’t investigators use them more during investigations?
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