LIVESTREAM | AARO/Galileo Project Team Up, Canada To Release UAP Report, and Spielberg’s Thoughts on UFO Secrecy

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On episode 07 of SOMEWHERE IN THE LIVESTREAM, we are joined by artist, researcher, and contributor to That UFO Podcast, Daniel Zetterström! Ryan and Daniel break down the latest UFO news including:

– Canada’s “Sky Project” to Release UAP Report

– New Team Establishes the Americans for Safe Aerospace organization

– Avi Loeb of the Galileo Project and Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO publish a paper on “Physical Constraints on UAP”

– A shocking discovery of a hidden corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza

– The Jupiter and Venus display

– Steven Spielberg’s thoughts on UFOs and government secrecy

Ryan and Daniel then break down the “Podcast Highlights of the Week” and so much more!

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