Listener Stories: Portals, Entities, and Pan – April 8, 2023

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Seriah is joined by Christopher Ernst and Vincent Treewell for an episode focused on listener stories. Topics include synchronicities that follow a dream about gnomes, an odd bird-like object, meaningful coincidences despite mundane explanations, the Fae and their gifts, a disturbing encounter in a government building, 1951 CIA psycho-chemical experimentation on civilians in France, the Betty and Barney Hill case as a possible psyop, the documentary “Wormwood”, Operation Paperclip, Imperial Japanese Unit 731, Nick Redfern, Roswell as human experimentation, the Rendlesham incident, the Cash-Landrum encounter, visions of mandalas and strange entities, Jacques Vallee and control systems, materialist rationalism, balance with mysticism and enchantment, Seriah’s experiences with a strange shadow and a shaking moon, Taylor Bell, mental visualization and lack thereof, a visually-impaired podcaster and his experiences, NDEs and the blind, the subtle body vs the physical body, auras, the starseed concept, non-physical evolution, 3rd order cybernetics, self-generating systems and retro-causality, an incident involving a disappearing road in Geneva Ohio, multiple timelines/dimensions, another bizarre disappearing road incident, “medieval fairs”, paranormal roads, Timothy Renner, “The Seven Gates of Hell”, Vedantic Hinduism, seven planes of existence, the Stephen King series “Castle Rock”, multiple worlds and thin spots between them, timeslips, doppelgangers, Cherylee Black’s encounter in an oddly empty hotel, Seriah and Natalie’s strange “missing” experience, a Pagan listener’s experience with intense meditation and ritual and the entity Pan, automatic writing, creative “downloads”, mystical dream interpretation, spiritual enlightenment, beings appearing as deities, impersonator spirits, intuition, conquering fields of fear, John Keel, initiation rituals and facing fears, writing from outside the self, the goddess Hecate, Wren Collier, the offices of angels, tests of a Vedantic yogi that lead to receiving a mantle, art and spirituality, marketing as chaos magick, Chris makes a spiritual request and receives a blessing, the “Hyperion” book series by Dan Simmons, sleep experiences, a frightening encounter with a malevolent entity, Seriah’s bizarre last sleep paralysis incident, ancient Egyptian post-mortem rituals, Catholic ritual, an encounter with ball lightning, plasma intelligence, a possible stone tape incident or time slip, a listener’s story of-as an infant- having blood on his face without a cut or injury, astrology, an experience as a Jehovah’s Witness, a healing while a member of Falun Gong, “gong hands”, orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, “Bubble Tech”, an exploding light fixture, and much more! This was a wide-ranging discussion fueled by some fascinating listener stories!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is The Midnight Review Presents withI Got Bugs Feat. The Famous Sandhogs