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Seriah welcomes Octavian, Red Pill Junkie, and Super Inframan for a listener stories episode. Topics include Cal Cooper, an apparition of a dead relative, solid apparitions, the Iliad and Odyssey and their esoteric aspects, spirits impersonating familiar people, MIB phenomena, temporary monsters, Grant Morrison, Superman, the Joker, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, Greg Little, flashes of light, an impossible moon observation, Fatima and the moving sun, Jacques Vallee, Joaquim Fernandes, Fina D’Armada, Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, Professor Jeffrey Kripal, Mike Clelland, astronauts and cosmic rays, telescope hallucinations, Percival Lowell and canals on Mars, sleep paralysis, a strange dream experience, the goddess Hecate, synchronicities, an unusual shop in Roswell NM, a bizarre vision, Octavian’s weird shared OBE “alien wedding”, numerous experiences in a haunted house, punk and metal music, confronting and engaging with paranormal phenomena, poltergeist activity as psychokinetic (pk) energy, ceremonial magick and poltergeist activity, a listener’s life experience that parallels Seriah’s, cassette tapes, VHS, tape vs digital, low-fi black metal, bone records from the USSR, a bizarre possible trance experience with a VHS tape, a strange psychedelic UFO experience of Adam Gorightly, the TV series “Midnight Club”, a strange experience with electronic video/audio and a fire alarm, John Keel, analog vs digital and the paranormal, music recording on VHS tape, content destruction for tax and PR purposes, and much more! This is riveting, fast-paced discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Trick Or Treatin’ by Devo Spice