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Beneath a blanket of clouds laden with sulfuric acid and other volatile compounds lies a rocky wasteland where surface temperatures are high enough to melt lead. From Earth, it is one of the brightest objects in our skies. Countless civilizations have closely followed the movements of our brilliant planetary neighbor. It has been the focus of human imagination since the beginning of recorded time gathering a plethora of names from cultures long dead. Fantastic visions of what could lay beneath the all-encompassing cloud cover have swirled through the pages of science fiction and scientific literature. Even after discovering what was beneath the clouds was a heat-blasted hellscape, the planet still holds secrets that we are still slowly beginning to unlock. In 2017, a team of scientists reviewed atmospheric data that made a few heads turn after showing the presence of a certain gas that, on Earth, is normally present alongside life. This case file, join the Theorists as they try to keep their heads out of the extremely poisonous clouds and try to keep their beers cold on the solar system’s hottest planet in the search for…Life on Venus

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