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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off reading a listener story that was sent to them by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. This person and her family had multiple encounters with some unknown dark entity that moved around her house and entire property. Bad things began to happen to all residents of the property including the death of several kittens until the land was prayed over. Then, a person has several encounter with what they believe was a Sasquatch in Southeast Texas.

After the break Cam brings up the incredible tale of people choosing to live off the grid. One family was the Lykov family. In 1936, the Lykov family left civilization and went to live deep in the Siberian forest, where they stayed in total isolation until 1978. In 1978, a helicopter pilot was flying over the forests of Siberia when he spotted something baffling. The pilot saw a clearing several thousand feet up a mountainside. To his surprise, the clearing had what appeared to be long furrows, which seemed to indicate that people were living there. This mountain, however, was more than 150 miles from the nearest known human settlement. Furthermore, Soviet authorities had no records of anyone living in the district. The pilot had been sent to find a spot to land a group of geologists who were in the district to prospect for iron ore. When the geologists learned of the pilot’s sighting, they decided to investigate. After going up the mountain, they discovered a log cabin beside a stream. The cabin consisted of a single room that was cramped, musty, filthy, and cold. Its floor was made up of potato peel and pine-nut shells. It was hard to believe that anyone actually lived there. But, incredibly, the cabin housed a family of five. As the geologists got to know the Lykov family, they learned their remarkable story.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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  • Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin
  • Around The Block
  • Yellow Bird
  • At Last I Am Free